Spring clean and store

Spring clean and store

It can be easy for our homes to become cluttered, especially at this time of year. Christmas might be a distant memory but if you’ve got children you’ve probably gained a mountain of extra toys. Trying to keep a house clean and tidy when it’s bursting to the seams is never easy so why not dedicate this weekend to having a good spring clean?
To help, we’ve got some great tips:

  • Decluttering needs to come before cleaning or you’ll get in a muddle. Try to be ruthless with your belongings, if it doesn’t fit or has seen better days consider donating, recycling or binning it. If something hasn’t been used for 6 months+ you probably won’t miss it.
  • Try to empty your rooms as much as possible. This will make your rooms seem much airier and bigger (and help reduce the time it takes to clean them).
  • Tackle rooms one at a time. Once you’ve done one room, move onto the next.
  • Try to encourage your whole family to get involved, as children can easily help sort through their own belongings. However, if they’re very young, you might want to see if Grandma would mind having them for an afternoon at least so they don’t get under your feet.
  • Pack away items that you want to keep but won’t be needing any time soon. Consider hiring a storage unit if you only have a small loft. For instance, baby clothes and accessories such as prams and highchairs can be kept in a storage unit until you need them again, which could be years down the line. Old paperwork, bank statements and wage slips too might be best going into a storage unit as they’re things you need to keep but rarely need to refer to.
  • Make a list of all the cleaning jobs you want to do before you start so you can make sure you have all the cleaning materials that you need. Once you’ve done a job, tick it off your list.
  • Try to not get side tracked, split your time into manageable chunks and try to stick to it. Have regular breaks and if you can’t achieve everything you want to in one go, don’t worry. Just do the best you can.

If you need to hire a storage unit, AH Storage can help. We have units from 25 to 100 sqt ft, starting at just £15 a week. You’ll find us on the 3rd Floor Brooklands Mill, Leigh, Wigan.

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