Short Term Storage, Leigh

There are lots of reasons why you might be considering short term storage. If you’re in the process of selling your house and will be moving into rented or temporary accommodation before you can get the keys to your new home, you’ll need to store your belongings somewhere safe. Dividing your belongings and storing them in the garages and spare rooms of family and friends is never a good idea as things can get broken and lost. It’s much better to lease a unit on a short term basis.

If your home is being renovated or extended, you can protect your furniture and other belongings by putting them in storage temporarily. If a family member has passed away and you’re responsible for clearing their home, you could put their belongings in storage until you feel ready to sort through them.

Flexible contract puts you in control

Looking for short term storage in Wigan? When you lease a unit from Alexander-Hough Self Storage you’re assured of a great price and the option to terminate your contract whenever you like and only give one week’s notice. If your plans change and you require a unit long term, then this won’t be a problem. Units are available in four different sizes, from 25 sqt ft to 100 sqt ft.

Extra services to make your move as straight forward as possible

All the packing materials you could possibly require are available to buy from our home storage site. You’ll find us at Brooklands Mill, Leigh. We also offer packing training full packing service and our sister company, Alexander-Hough Removals can transport your belongings to and from the unit.

If you require any further assistance or would like a quote, please call 01942 745 678 or email Units are available to move into straight away if required.

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